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    We are committed to implementing and sustaining a management framework that increases performance and quality and ensuring that the needs of our clients are fulfilled by all the services rendered.
    The primary purpose of this strategy and all relevant protocols is to ensure that we completely recognize the expectations of our client and comply with these expectations at all times.
    The aims of this policy are:
    • Providing appropriate support for the creation, evaluation, and improvement of the management system;
    • Communicate this policy through inductions and preparation to all employees;
    • Ensure that on both platforms the control system is applied.
    As an intrinsic part of our market, we embrace risk, but we do so only on the premise that we can recognize, handle, and mitigate/eliminate it effectively. Educated and astute risk control is central to our company’s strategically responsible conduct.
    • Identify prospective hazards;
    • Manage the possible adverse effects of risk components by enforcing our protocols while carrying out the work;
    • Monitor the economic impact of not embracing or moving residual adverse financial effects on our business.
    In order to execute these systems and protocols efficiently, we:
    • Take on the relevant, sufficiently resourced management structures;
    • Capture details, track, and report appropriately;
    • Our management system, systems, capacity levels, and technologies are constantly evaluated and developed.
    Our corporate ethos is dedicated to both our staff, partners, clients, and the public’s health and safety. We are committed to be the pioneer in workplace health and safety in the industry, to fulfil regulatory standards, and to realize our “Safety” vision.
    This we will accomplish through:
    • Complying with all rules, legislation and regulatory duties applicable;
    • Ensuring that our safety strategy is supported by both staff, clients, and subcontractors;
    • The establishment and continuing growth of educational programs and training;
    All workers are obliged to:
    • Comply with the company’s healthy work procedures, priorities and instructions;
    • Notify their bosses and employers promptly about any hazardous work practices/ equipment;
    • Perform all job tasks in a way that ensures health and safety for all;
    For all places where we do service, this policy extends. It includes all tasks and resources of architecture, planning, construction, processes, and maintenance. In order to protect the atmosphere, all activities will be performed in an environmentally friendly and ethical way.
    The primary purpose of this strategy and all relevant activities is to stop the occurrence of accidents which can adversely affect the atmosphere and citizens.
    The aims of this strategy are,
    • ensuring that all environmental policies and procedures are implemented
    • Formance with all relevant legislative, administrative, and other environmental management and safety requirements
    • Identify, review, and control all practices that can generate risks and impacts on the environment
    • Ensure that all of our staff and vendors are aware of their environmental responsibility responsibilities